For over 50 years Rupaco Paper Corporation has been manufacturing premier mat boards. Our commitment to bringing innovative products in mat board quality, design, and durability has lead Rupaco to the forefront of our industry. Through techniques unique to Specialty Mat board, we have created a line of decorative mat boards whose hallmark is an unbelievable richness and texture. These sophisticated finishes have allowed mass production on processes that before could only be attained by using painted or fabric laid mats. Our mass collection of over 100 colors ensures you will find exactly what you are looking for.
      • Vast experience is manufacturing top quality products
      • Extensive line of product sure to meet everyone’s needs
      • Innovative and Visionary
Rupaco Mat Boards are manufactured on three cores Ultra White, Natural, Ebony.
      • Ultra white core – Pure white (non yellow) cuts clean bevels and provides conservation protection;
      • Natural Core – made of wood pulp buffered with calcium carbonate;
      • Ebony Core – Solid black throughout for a distinctive and dramatic look;
Our paper is available in the standard size 32 x 40 and most selections are available in over size 40 x 60. Rupaco mat boards are produced from constituent materials that are acid free. Manufactured at an alkaline PH, and calcium carbonate buffered to insure excellent aging qualities.

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